About APA

Animal Protection Association is a 501-C3 chartered group. We provide low cost spay/neuter services for pet owners who could not otherwise afford them. We have been serving the communities of Lake, McHenry, and Kenosha since 1974.
We are proud to report that over 8,500 pets have been spayed or neutered through our program. By doing so, we have reduced the amount of unwanted litters.

We also assist in rescuing unwanted animals and placing them with people who can provide safe and loving homes.

Our association strives to protect the health and welfare of all animals. Because we are not funded by any government agency, we rely on fundraising efforts by volunteers. If you have anything you would like to donate please contact us.

So Why Spay or Neuter?
Here's just a few reasons:
*Health: Your pet will have a better chanve at living a longer, healthier life. Sterilized pets live an average of two to three years longer and the risk of certain cancers decreases.
*Behavior: Spays and neuters can reduce aggression, reduce urine marking, and eliminates messy heat cycles. Your pet can be more easily triained and in turn, behave better.
*Pet Overpopulation: According to www.pawschicago.org, 575 homeless are killed every hour in the US due to pet overpopulaion. Unfortunately, there are too many pets and too few people willing to adopt a pet.

How it works and how you can you apply:
We have partnered with various vets throughout Lake and Mchenry County for our spay and neuter program. The discounts available will vary. In order to determine what you will be eligible for, you must contact our office at (847) 740-3977. Please leave us a message and a volunteer will call you back. Because our program is ran only by volunteers and so many people and animals need help, please be patient with us. It may take a day or two to return your call.

For residents of Lake County, you may also visit their animal control website for their assistance program as well: http://www.lakecountyil.gov/Health/want/Documents/Spay-Neuter%20Forms-English.pdf

If you are from Cook County you can contact Spay USA.